The current situation

Dear customers and friends of Chromicent,

the Chromicent, like all of us, faces great challenges.

Our SOP “Pandemic Plan” was activated at the beginning of March.

Our employees were informed about the current situation and sensitized to the existing risk of infection in three extensive training courses. Visitors no longer have access to our laboratories and offices, business trips have been completely suspended, and we make use of webinars and telephone conferences where necessary. The rules of the RKI hang as posters in our work rooms.

The delivery of materials and samples is carried out centrally in the entrance area of the building, so that the risk of infection is minimized here as well. In our daily work routine, hygiene is a matter of course for us at all times, but currently we pay particular attention to distance and protect each other by being wise and foresighted.

The stock of protective clothing, disinfectants, but also consumables for the analyses was deliberately increased, so that a safe operation of the laboratory is guaranteed even over possible bottlenecks.

We will of course keep a close eye on further developments and will continue to do everything possible to maintain laboratory operations for you in the accustomed quality.

Keep well and health!