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Webinar Nitrosamine

Die Waters GmbH veranstaltet ein Webinar zum Thema: „Genotoxic Impurities: Nitrosamines LC-MS TOF screening analysis with automated sample preparation“.

Save the Date: 7. Dezember – 9:00 Uhr MEZ

Chromicent freut sich auf die Präsentation in Topic 2 – mit dem Vortrag:

UPLC-TOF Platform for N-Nitrosamine Investigation in Pharmaceuticals

Since June 2018, thousands of batches of pharmaceuticals have had to be recalled due to the unexpected presence of nitrosamines worldwide. EMA and FDA guidelines now indicate small aliphatic and aromatic nitrosamines that are currently being screened for, but there are already new ones on the horizon. In this webinar, we will present the latest LC-TOF strategies using the Waters BioAccord system. These can be used to screen for potential undetected nitrosamines early in the drug development and risk assessment process to ensure patient safety and drug supply.

Alle weiteren Informationen und die Möglichkeit zur Anmeldung finden Sie *hier*