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Detection methods for LC and SFC at the Chromicent

Chromicent, the special laboratory for chromatographic methods in the pharmaceutical field, offers a comprehensive range of detection methods for LC and SFC. We are continuously expanding our portfolio.

Currently, the following detection methods are available with the Chromicent:

  • Photo diode array UV detection (PDA)
  • Fluorescence detection (FLD)
  • Refractive index detection (RID)
  • Evaporative light scattering detection (ELSD)
  • Single-Mass detection (QDa)
  • Tandem-Mass detection (TQD) with ESI- and APCI ion source
  • Charged-Aerosol detection (CAD)
  • Electrochemical detection (ECD)
  • Conductivity detection
  • Chemiluminescence nitrogen detection (CLND)