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Sustainability in analytics – SFC

When we talk about method development at Chromicent – we always talk about sustainability. Chromicent’s Method LifeCycle Management (MCLM) is exactly that: sustainable.

This means robustness, stability and safety in analysis, but also cost efficiency, time savings, occupational safety and environmental protection, reduction or, if possible, avoidance of environmentally critical chemicals.

Chromicent’s chromatographic methods meet the requirements of future generations.

What does sustainability in analytics mean for Chromicent in concrete terms?

Example: SFC (supercritical fluid chromatography)

One of our best-known methods is the detection of nitrosamines in pharmaceuticals. This method is becoming increasingly important and already plays a major role in the field of drug safety.

You can find the corresponding publications *here*.

With regard to sustainability, the great advantage of SFC compared to classical reversed phase chromatography is that almost all chemicals and running agents can be dispensed with. The chromicent method only requires the use of supercritical CO2.

One step – for a great common goal.